Reconsider Google+

As we all know Google likes to cater your searches and ads to your previous interests. Because of this currently it’s an interesting challenge as marketing professionals try to find the balance to get the best SEO results.

When conducting research, I have found that when your attempting to find a good “plumber in Portland” for example my search results fluctuated based on if I was signed into Google+ or not. When signed in I found results that again catered to my previous interests and searches completed. The results popped up the plumbers in my area but that were related to friends I had and connections I had via previous searches. I then signed out to attempt the same search, what I found was an amazingly different result. It was more of a true organic search result without google knowing exactly my interests. I furthered this study by then going to a public place that had tons of previous search results and got somewhat of the same as if I was not signed in.

It has changed over the years but one thing so certain having a google+ account and being active on it is important to search ability. I tried searching my nonprofit company while logged in and found I could find it no problem first results. I then attempted to log out and search for my company and started getting results for as far away as Dubai before I saw my company listed. It was at this point I began to optimize some things for my company’s profile and low and behold the results improved.

Staying more active on google+ for the company made all the difference. It allowed me to be seen more predominantly when searched in any method.

Other articles have been written about this exact topic and I can say from my personal research I too feel it makes all the difference. Although many people might not actively use google plus the relevance google search engines influences it is significant. You can no longer simply ignore the graveyard of google+, you must become at least active in your content posting. Post unique content not just copied items from Facebook or other sites while updating your items for full completion of your profile. Using these tools along with scheduling items via Hootsuite you can start to get you results you are looking for with your companies.


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